Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's not about you, Its about the Dew... Cake (Mountain Dew Cake and Rainbow Cake)

Today has been a day. And I'm sharing two recipes to help document it.  Its been a big week actually.  Due to some not so great news I have had to postpone, maybe indefinitely, my move to the US.  But today was a much better day. After Church this morning we had a really nice lunch, and I made two cakes (with the help of some friends).  These are two recipes I have seen and been wanting to try for a while. Now they use a box cake mix. I know, I know not traditional, and I don't usually like cake mixes, but the modifications make them spectacular. Two great cakes, given to some good friends.  

The Mountain Dew Cake is the well known, cake mix plus a can of soda recipe. I'd been intrigued by it for a while and when I told a friend about it they thought about mountain dew straight away.  You see we have some friends who are obsessed with Mountain Dew and live by the motto 'its not about you... its about the Dew' So really there was no other alternative when it came to this cake. The taste wasn't as Dew-y as desired but I'm so pleased it turned out at all. The glaze was supposed to have dew in it too, but it was all gone by the time I went to make it (addicts!)

The Rainbow Cake was for another friend's birthday. When I first saw this recipe I had wanted to make it with a from scratch recipe but I thought I'd try it with a box mix first to see how it went.  It was great! I cannot wait to try it again with other colours, and cupcakes! Can you imagine!!  

So thank you to my amazing friends. I hope you enjoyed the cakes. 

And now... 
(Sorry for the lack of descriptions, its way past my bed time!)

Mountain Dew Cake - Buy a cake mix and instead of adding the wet ingredients just add a can of Mountain Dew (375mL).  Bake following packet directions.

Rainbow Cake 

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  1. I really like that rainbow cake! Been a lot of the rainbow cakes out lately!