Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mars Bar Slice - or Chocolate Crunch Slice

I'm not sure how traditions or family favourites start. Where does the recipe come from? Who made them first? How do they become so important?  This recipe has been a staple at family gatherings since I was a kid. I'm not sure who first made it, or why its so popular but it is. Of course the taste has something to do with it. The carmel and chocolate of the mars bar mixed with the rice bubbles is amazing. Its not as popular as its close relative the chocolate crackle but in our family its king.  It still appears at all family gatherings even though all the 'kids' are in there 20s and 30s. And we still get just as excited. 

***sneak peak*** its a big baking weekend this weekend so keep an eye out for some great sweet treats over the coming days. Happy Australia Day! 

Mars Bar Slice  (Or Chocolate Crunch Slice)
I do mine from memory but I know the recipe can be found in AWW Cakes and Slices


3 65g Mars Bars, chopped (If you're in the USA this is similar to a milky way bar)

90g butter

3 cups Rice Bubbles (Rice Krispies)


200g milk chocolate, chopped

30g butter


1. Grease a 19cmx 29cm lamington pan.

2. Combine Mars Bars and butter in a large saucepan, stir continuously over low heat without boiling until mixture is smooth; stir in rice bubbles.

3. Press mixture evenly into prepared pan, spread with topping. Refrigerate into set before cutting. 


  1. these are so sime, but so good!!! i havent had them in a very long time, but it might be time to change that :)

  2. I got a Mars bar every time my mother took me to the supermarket ( if I was in my best behaviour!)